About CH Construction

The focus of CH Construction is the design, renovation, and building of new housing developments and the management of existing commercial buildings. To provide comprehensive services to our valued customers, we also offer homeowners’ insurance in increments of 2, 5, and 10 years, commercial liability insurance providing up to $5 million in coverage, and Worker’s Compensation Board insurance for employers. In addition to this, we are also authorized to provide licenses for hydroelectric construction.

The professional team at CH Construction prides themselves on their work practices which are based on the core values of integrity, professionalism, and trust. With this in mind, we place a great emphasis on delivering products and services of the highest quality to our valued customers.

CH Construction’s Chinese and Western divisions continuously receive high praise from their clients in the Greater Vancouver area, giving you the confidence that we are a team you can trust.

Brand Philosophy


CH Construction is a committed to providing their customers with exceptional products and services at each stage of the construction process. Committed to building homes that will last, we consider not only what will benefit your house now but also the things that will prepare it for use for decades and centuries to come.

CH Construction rigorously adheres to the standards outlined by the building laws governing the province of British Columbia.

We don’t make promises that we can’t keep. Our end goal is to provide each customer with a home of exceptional quality and value.


The team at CH Construction is dedicated to the quality of each project that we undertake.
Our professionalism is not limited to the décor and design processes. It also extends to putting together the right team to provide the oversight and labor for the build. We make it our business to include our customers in the design and construction processes to ensure your home is everything you envisioned it would be.


With decades of construction experience in the Vancouver housing development market, CH Construction has earned a solid reputation as a builder of high-quality homes. We are pleased to work with Vancouver’s leading vendors to bring the best in construction supplies and materials, architectural design and consulting, and many other products and services to you.

Mission Statement


The construction industry must be backed by innovative thinking to succeed. Construction helps customers to solve a variety of different problems.

CH Construction thoughtfully considers:

  • The integration of architecture and terrain
  • The forecasting of future development projects for the surrounding communities
  • The inclusion of newly available materials for construction

We do not limit ourselves to the same old products and materials just because they have worked in the past. We cultivate an atmosphere of innovation to allow us to source the best solutions for each of our customers.


Chonghong Construction values preserving the environment. To this end, we insist on using environmentally-friendly materials to promote a green, healthy and sustainable earth. We make use of energy-saving construction methods and solid building materials. Our goal is for each of our projects to help reduce the environmental load. Whenever possible, we employ the best eco-friendly practices to support sustainability.

Core Living:

Chonghong Construction is concerned with implementing the principles of ecology, energy conservation, and sustainability into each aspect of a build. From the initial vision to the design and construction process, we strive for complete ecological balance.


Chonghong Construction employs a diverse group of people to bring a comprehensive team with the expertise you need in every aspect of the design and building process. Among the fields our company represents are:

  • Land integration development
  • Design and planning
  • Capital integration
  • Construction management
  • Marketing
  • Building materials quality
  • External advisory committees
  • Municipal government legal expertise
  • Profitability forecasting and enhancement
  • Eco-friendly best practices for the construction industry

Our Vision

CH Construction is marked by our three core values. Integrity, professionalism, and trust are the foundation of everything that we do. It is our promise to provide you with a safe and comfortable building that is beautiful to look at and to live in.

Charity Event

CH Construction has long been committed to assisting with relief for disadvantaged groups. We actively participate in many different charitable causes in the Greater Vancouver region as a means to give back our society.
Among the charities we support are:

  • Winter Warm Wave—providing clothes to people in need to help stave off the cold in the winter months
  • Hope Christmas—delivering packages to less fortunate families at Christmastime
  • Children’s Hospital—assisting with blood donation drives and other activities